Current Chairmen

Anthony Marchetta

Chairman - Anthony Marchetta

 Hey guys, my name is Anthony Marchetta. I auditioned for my very first show in my junior year of High School, and to my great surprise I got in. I was hooked ever since.

I’ve acted in four different shows and worked on the stage crew in four others. In January of 2013 my partner Brian and I teamed up with our other co-founder, Travis Brewer, and with a lot of help managed to put on a production of the musical “Godspell”. The experience was one of the most difficult and rewarding of my life.

I am proud of our mission to help teenagers who deal with the issues of depression, self-harm, and suicide. Teenagers especially often have trouble being taken seriously with issues like these, and hopefully our little organization can help do something to change that image.

Brian Meehan

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My name is Brian Meehan. I am Co-Chairman of A Bold Choice Theatre Company; I graduated from Bethlehem Catholic High School and am currently attending Northampton Community College to earn an AA in Theatre with a focus on Tech Theatre. I have been involved in theatre since my Junior year in high school and have loved every minute of it. I have been an assistant sound board operator, sound board operator, light board operator, stage hand, producer, actor and have dabbled a little in directing.

In the summer of 2013, I helped produce A Bold Choice Theatre Company’s first ever show: Godspell. It was a tremendous hit. We raised over two thousand dollars for charity. To say that it wasn’t a humbling or thrilling experience would be a lie. I never imagined before that I could help make such a big impact.